Until further notice, we are open by appointment only. We realize this is a big change, but our lobby is too small to accommodate a waiting room full of clients and pets.

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We’re Here to Help

We’re Here to Help

Walk-In Veterinary Clinic

1245 Niagara St., Buffalo, NY 14213

Low Cost Veterinarian in Buffalo, NY

Opened in 2014, West Side Pet Clinic and local Buffalo veterinarian provides a new kind of quality, low-cost pet wellness care. Founder veterinarian, Susan Sickels, DVM and R. Reed Stevens, DVM recognized there are several dog and cat needs that were not addressed by the veterinary clinics in the area.

West Side Pet Clinic focuses on four major areas of care:

  • complete physical exams
  • vaccinations
  • common health concerns (fleas, ticks, ear infections, allergies, worms, etc.)
  • educating pet owners on how preventing disease is less expensive than curing them

Pets that require more advanced care such as X-rays, surgery or hospitalization are referred to full-service veterinary practices.

Please check our website and Facebook page for regular updates and to follow our work in the community. We’re here to help!

Low Cost Veterinarian in Buffalo, NY

Animal Hospital in Buffalo

Buffalo Vet AVMA

Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society

Pet Emergency Fund

Who We Are As Your Buffalo Veterinarian

As Western New York’s only low-cost, wellness clinic, we have cut vet bills in half compared to most full-service clinics. We offer complete physical exams, vaccinations, preventative medications, as well as diagnosis and treatment for common ailments.

Our goal is to be a sustainable, community-oriented, small animal clinic helping pet owners care for their pets. We are committed to help in the revival of our surrounding neighborhood.

We’re here to help. It is important to us to educate pet owners on proper care and training, as well as to become a resource for people in the area.

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